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As some of you may know I have been meaning to implement a points to gil system for some time now. Well, that time has arrived!
In order to be eligible for the points to gil system you must meet the following requirements:

1) You must have been part of the linkshell for at least 3 months.

2) You must attend dynamis with our linkshell on a regular basis.

3) You must be in good standing with your linkshell leaders and members.

The point exchange system will work as follows:

10 points can be exchanged for 100k gil up to a maximum amount of 100 points per month (1M gil). The exchanges will be made in increments of 10 points. At a future date we may reduce the number of points it takes to exchange for 100k.

Please remember however that there are always ways you can go and make points for the linkshell outside of the linkshell events. These tasks are generally soloable/duoable and are greatly appreciated by the linkshell leaders and members.

Please /tell me in game if you are looking for ways you can help extra points outside of linkshell events. Depending on what the linkshell needs farmed at that time I will have several different tasks available.



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